Hexion Epoxy Resin Systems: Miller-Stephenson offers a diverse line of EPON Resins, EPONEX UV-resistant Resins, EPIREZ Waterborne Resins, EPIKURE Curing Agents, and HELOXY Modifiers. These products vary in chemical structure, molecular weight, viscosity and functionality, providing the formulator with a multitude of options. The depth of our product offering features epoxy resins, hardeners, flexibilizers, curing agents and modifiers, providing the performance you’re looking for and enhancing the processes you rely on. The large family of epoxy resins represent some of the highest performance resins available . Epoxies generally out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation, which leads to their almost exclusive use in aircraft components and other challenging applications.

Conformal Coatings: Miller-Stephenson offers a complete series of electronic conformal coatings to meet any applicators protection requirements.  Urethane, Acrylic, Silicone, and Varnish coatings are available, each exhibiting specific chemical, mechanical and moisture resistance. Formulated with high performance base resins, Miller-Stephenson’s conformal coatings promote extended service life and enhanced reliability for your PCB components and assemblies. Conformal coatings are particularly useful for protecting circuitry in severe service environments, while maintaining a low stress environment for components and connections. These severe conditions range from every day temperature and humidity extremes seen in consumer electronics, to the more harsh automotive underhood applications, up to the extremes demanded in military or industrial applications. All of our formulations are 100% nonflammable and available in both an aerosol and bulk packaging.