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Retrofit Guideline for Opteon™ SF-79 – Specialty Solvent

Specialty Solvent

Introduction to Opteon™ SF-79 Specialty Solvent Opteon™ SF-79 formerly Opteon Sion specialty solvent is suitable to replace n-propyl bromide (nPB) and trichloroethylene (TCE) in applications demanding maximum cleaning power, including defluxing; oil, grease, and wax removal; and precision cleaning applications. Opteon™ Sion specialty solvent offers an excellent balance between cleaning performance, environmental impact, and safety in […]

Opteon™ SF-79 for Vapor Degreasing

Vapor Degreasing Solvent

Opteon™ SF-79 – Vapor Degreasing Solvent What is Vapor Degreasing? Vapor degreasing is a precision cleaning technique used to dissolve greases and remove soils from metal parts. Over the course of the manufacturing process, parts ranging from ball bearings to printed circuit boards become contaminated. Manufacturers employ vapor degreasing to ensure that performance, quality, reliability, and aesthetics are not impacted by these […]

Why Vertrel specialty fluids are a suitable replacement for N-propyl bromide and Trichloroethylene

vertrel fluids

Why are Vertrel fluids a suitable replacement for nPB? Recently, the National Toxicity Program issued a report, dated August 2011, “Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of 1-Bromopropane in F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice (Inhalation studies).” The report concluded that there was “clear evidence of carcinogenic activity” in female mice and rats. As a result of […]

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